William Morris

I am so fortunate to have an exhibition on William Morris, at an Art Museum (Nivaagaard) not too far way … Mere

Looking at colours

Whether walking in a park or past a supermarket, with an outdoor flower display – colours never fail to amaze … Mere

Colours and lines

Out walking in the rain this morning I was fascinated by the lines and colours of these branches against the … Mere

Looking at colour

  Even on a grey day in February, colour explosions can be found in The Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen. The … Mere

White on White

The cold weather has brought pretty ice-patterns, that might inspire to white on white embroidery

Bark photos

Walking along a nearby stream a cold wintery Sunday, I saw these trees trunks. The textures fascinate me. I can … Mere

Abstract art

These two images, that could easily be abstract paintings are photographs taken of a wall in an old building used … Mere