A la David Hockney

This wonderful charcoal sketch of Grand Canyon by David Hockney, is on exhibition at the mordern art museum in North … Mere

Walking and Drawing

Walking though a local park equipped with an A5 sketch book and a pen – I tried to sketch some … Mere

Sketching people

More quick sketches of  people – this time waiting for the ferry. Not works of art, but good fun and … Mere

Sketching people

Travelling – even on short journeys – is ideal for sketching people. Inspired by a friend I am using a … Mere

Sketch Book Revival

One of the sessions in The Sketch Book Revival was about drawing a small object from different angles and using … Mere

Finding Animals

More from The Sketchbook Revival – finding animals in the lines on cracked paving stones. In Itlay there no such … Mere

The Sketchbook Revival

This is just another of the execises from The Sketch Book revival – drawing small thumb nail sketches of articles … Mere

Dots and spots

When I opened the dishwasher today a plastic container tipped over and the washing up water inside spilled out onto … Mere