Walking and Observing

Early morning walks are a good start of the day for me. I look at gardens and follow the changing … Mere

Autumn Colours

We are so lucky this year, that the weather has favoured the autumn. Leaves, in the most amazing colours are … Mere


Oh the power of colour – how can one not be effected by these warm and vibrant colours. These flowers … Mere


I am not a great lover of the colour purple, but purple flowers with green, can be lovely to observe … Mere

Complementary Colours

These motifs are from a large greenhouse. In both cases one  plant has invaded the pot of another and made … Mere

Gelli print workshop

  I had another fun dag gelli printing with Anne Lorenzen and Christina Hollensen in their new studio. It was … Mere

Looking at colours

Whether walking in a park or past a supermarket, with an outdoor flower display – colours never fail to amaze … Mere

Colours and lines

Out walking in the rain this morning I was fascinated by the lines and colours of these branches against the … Mere