The Exercise book

These images show the front and back cover of an exercise book, that I bought recently at an Antique Fair … Mere

Drawing winter

I took  these berries inside  so I could do some quick sketch book work in pencil and water colour.

Stitched sketch

Inspired by all the frost and snow we have had recently  – and the need for some hand embroidery whilst … Mere

Artist’s talk

I listened to the Danish artist Peter Callesen talk about his work, the other day. I saw a great exhibition … Mere

White on White

The cold weather has brought pretty ice-patterns, that might inspire to white on white embroidery

Five minute moon

I would have loved to see the blood moon (as it is called here), but there were too many clouds. … Mere

Art books

I recently visited a small, but visually great, exhibition with graphic works by the Danish artist, and tutor at the … Mere