Art Books

I have been away for 4 days on a Arist’ books workshop on the Danish island Funen. The workshop was held by the Danish artist and weaver Anne Bjorn.

I had an idea about what I wanted to do – my chosen theme was Italy – and I had collected ephemera from our latest visit, including some beautiful old envelopes from a flea market and embroidered pieces from the local market.

Anne demonstrated many different techniques throughout the four days which we could use if we wished. I stuck mostly to sewing and a bit of glueing and learnt a lot about planning ahead. Making interesting collages on one side of the watercolour paper was “easy” enough, and I did a few of these to start with. MY FIRST MISTAKE. When you get to the other side you realise that the stitching will be showing on the work you have just produced and both sides should have been thought about at the same time!

Getting ready to compose the pages which are 20x15cm. It is also necessary, beofre you start, to consider how the book will be put together.


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